Volvo XC90 T6 SE Petrol.

Relisted due to time waster
Car to be collected 2 days after end of auction unless deposit or full sale ammount is paid.
This was volvos most powerful model until the V8 was introduced, producing 300hp from a 2.9 litre straight 6, twin turbo engine. The petrol T6 has almost twice the power of the diesel.
The car has covered 128,000 miles and has been the safest and most reliable car we have had.
The car is 14 years old, we are the second owners and have owned it 6 years.
It benefits from full Volvo service history by the first owner and independent specialist history by us. We have had it maintained regularly by a well respected independent volvo specialist.
In our ownership it has had regular services carried out and usual wear and tear items brakes discs and pads. We have also had the wheel bolts replaced, as someone had tightened them up too much and the garage couldn’t get them off. The centre drive shaft bearing was replaced as it was noisy. The fuel filler neck was replaced as it developed a leak, a common problem on petrol models at around the 100,000 mile mark.
Within the next 1000 miles or so, it will be due a service, last service was at 117,498, so its just about due another, starting price will reflect this.
It has airbags all over and has taken us through all weathers in safety.
The car features intelligent 4wd, which in normal daily driving is in 2 wheel drive, driven by the front wheels and when needed it sends power to the rear wheels.
Inside the car is normal volvo “can swallow a wardrobe”, but does seat 7 and still has boot space. With the seats down the space is huge.
We have downsized now hence the sale.
Good points:
Full Leather interior to all 7 seats
Climate control including 3rd row aircon
Electric drivers seat, passenger is manual.
Electric windows
CD changer stereo, holds 6 CDs, second row seats have headphone jacks and remote stereo control.
Rear entertainment 6 disc DVD player, with 2 screens and 5 pairs of headphones and remote.
Roof bars.
Folding mirrors.
Lock control.
Integrated booster seat on second row middle.
Front and rear parking sensors.
Not so good points:
MOT advisory last year that the front suspension are bushes will need replacing at some point.
Both front seats show signs of wear, 2nd row less so and 3rd row are virtually brand new.
The wheels are curbed and there are some car parking dings in the sides.
The car alarm backup battery needs replacing, the only way to do this, is to replace the alarm at £150 for the part. Due to the battery problem the alarm will randomly go off, owing to the fact we like our neighbours, i have removed the fuse from the alarm siren (fuse is in the glove box). This means the alarm still flashes red in the car to show its active and will still trigger and tell you it has triggered, but the alarm doesn’t wake everyone one up at random times in the night.
A related problem with the alarm, is the sunroof no longer opens, this is connected to the same circuit as the alarm, so fixing the alarm problem will also fix the sunroof. Thankfully it is closed and doesn’t leak. We have never used it anyway due to the climate control.

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